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Registration Information and Forms

The requirements to obtain a a login and password for the CM/ECF system for the Southern District of West Virgnia for each type of electronic filer are outlined below: 



  • Be admitted to the Southern District of West Virginia and currently in good standing in this Court; and
  • Submit an original registration form to the Clerk's Office. To submit via email, click here.

* Information on pro hac vice admission can be found at; once these requirements have been met, attorneys admitted to appear pro hac vice in a particular case must attach a copy of the Statement of Visiting Attorney filed in the SDWV District Court MC for Visiting Bankruptcy Attorneys.   Attorney/Trustee/United States Trustee Registration Form available below and will be limited to filing in that particular case.

* District court logins cannot be used for filing bankruptcies; electronic filers must apply for a Bankrutpcy login.

Limited Filers
  • Submit an original registration form to the Clerk's Office. To submit via email, click here.
  • If you are a financial management course provider, please complete and submit the "Limited Access Registration form". To submit via email, click here


Available forms:

Attorney/Trustee/United States Trustee Registration Form

Limited Access Registration Form (for Claims Agents, Accountants/Bookeepers, Transcribers)


If you have any questions, please contact the Court via email here or through 304-347-3003.