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The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of West Virginia utilizes a public information system accessible via telephone - Voice Case Information System (McVCIS). The system offers search capabilities using name, case number, social security number or tax identification number.


How it Works?

McVCIS uses a devise called a voice synthesizer, which generates words electronically. The voice-quality is not perfect, but gets easier to understand with use because it always reads the information in the same order.

How Do I Use It?

To access MCVCIS simply dial 866-222-8029. McVCIS will instruct you how to use your telephone to search for cases. VCIS allows you to search for 5 debtors per call; however, it will provide information about all cases involving each debtor.

To access the Southern District of West Virginia, say "West Virginia Southern" at the prompt or say "West Virginia" then press 41. 


McVCIS Features?

McVCIS allows you to dial the court computer from any touch tone telephone. The system provides the following information about the case:

  • Name of debtor(s) or party
  • Spelling of debtor(s) and Attorney names
  • Trustee for case
  • Judge name
  • Assets and case status
  • last date to file claims
  • nature of debtor
  • reopen date
  • disposition method
  • debtor attorney and telephone number
  • the last four digits of the social security number(s) or tax ID
  • case number
  • case filing date
  • 341 meeting date, time and location
  • closing or discharge date
  • original conversion date
  • re-termination date
  • voluntary/involuntary

What Is The Telephone Number For McVCIS?

For case information, dial toll free 866-222-8029


What Do I Need?

You will need a touch tone telephone and the debtor(s) name, case number, social security number, or tax identification number. Once the computer verifies input, case information will be provide by McVCIS