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Privacy Guidelines



The Bankruptcy Clerk's Office accepts electronically filed documents and pleadings and makes the content of these pleadings available on the Court's internet website via PACER. Documents and pleadings filed on paper are imaged, posted to PACER and made similarly available. Any subscriber to PACER is able to read, download, store and print the full content of the documents. Documents that have been sealed or otherwise restricted by court order are not available online.

You should not include sensitive information in any document filed with the Court unless such inclusion is required by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or ordered by the Court. Social Security numbers should include the last 4 digits, except when the full number is required on the Statement of Social Security Number, (Form 21).
Financial account numbers may include only the last four digits, birth dates may include only the year of the individual's birth,  and names of minor children may only include the minor's initials.

The Bankruptcy Clerk's office will not review documents for redaction and will image all pleadings that are filed even if they contain personal identifying information.