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Appendix to Local Rules


Index to Appendix

Appendix A - Fees

Appendix B -Mailing Matrix Format

Appendix C - Forms for Instructions to Employers Regarding Wages

  1. Debtor's Request for Order and Notice of Instructions to Employer to Stop Garnishment
  2. Order and Notice of Instructions to Employer(s) Regarding Wages

Appendix D - Chapter 11 Operating Orders

  1. Operating Order
  2. Operating Order for Debtor(s) Designated as Small Business

Appendix E - Chapter 13 Forms

  1. Order to Commence Wage Withholding in a Chapter 13 Case
  2. Chapter 13 Plan
  3. Notice of Conditional Dismissal for Failure to File Plan (obsolete)
  4. Notice of Conditional Dismissal for Failure to File Amended Plan (obsolete)
  5. Notice of Conditional Dismissal for Failure to Make Payments to Trustee (obsolete)

Appendix F - Notice and Motion Practice Forms

  1. Notice of Hearing
  2. Negative Notice
  3. Notice of Proposed Compromise
  4. Notice of Motion to Modify Automatic Stay in Chapter 7 Case
  5. Notice of Motion to Modify Automatic Stay; Notice of Preliminary Hearing (Chapter 11)
  6. Reaffirmation Agreement and Affidavit (obsolete)
    1. Reaffirmation Agreement
    2. Reafirmation Agreement Cover Sheet
  7. Order and Notice Granting Motion to Extend Time to Assume or Reject
  8. Trustee's Proposed Intent to Abandon Property
  9. Motion to Avoid Judicial Lien
  10. Motion to Avoid Nonpossessory, Nonpurchase Money Security Interest
  11. Motion for Redemption

Appendix G - Adversary Proceedings

  1. Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet [B104] (required only when paper filing)
  2. Summons [B250A] (required only when paper filing)
  3. Time Frame Order
  4. Notice of Compromise
  5. Application to Defer Fee Until Disbursement of Estate

Appendix H - Post-Judgment Remedies

  1. Writ of Execution (Instructions)
  2. Suggestion and Summons
  3. Notice of Possibilty of Exemptions to Suggestion
  4. Affidavit for Suggestee Execution
  5. Notice of Possibility of Exemptions to Suggestee Execution
  6. Suggestee Execution
  7. Abstract of Execution
  8. Abstract of Judgment
  9. Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District (instructions)
  10. Bill of Costs [B263] (Instructions)
  11. Praecipe

Appendix I - Applicability of District Court Local Rules (obsolete)

Appendix J - Bankruptcy Divisions

Appendix K - Subpoena Forms

  1. Subpoena in a Case under the Bankruptcy Code
  2. Subpoena for Rule 2004 Examination
  3. Subpoena in an Adversary Proceeding